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Syrian Hamster and Dwarf Hamsters FAQ
We've compiled a list of frequently asked questions that may help hamster owners.
Most of these answers came from our hamster bulletin board, which is loaded with hamster experts.

Q: Do hamsters bite?

Q: Are hamsters blind?

Q: Where did the Syrian (or Golden or Fancy) hamster come from?

Q: Where did the Russian (Russian Dwarfs, Campbells) hamster come from?

Q: What is a "Black Bear" hamster?

Q: Why does my hamster sleep through the day?

Q: I think my hamster is missing some toes. How many should they have?

Q: How big is a hamster?

Q: My hamster's wheel is squeeking and it drives me nuts! Is there anything I can do?

Q: Should I give my hamster a bath?

Q: Can I train my hamster to do tricks?

Q: What does a hamster's skull look like?

Q: The pet store said it's a Siberian, but is it a Campbell's dwarf Russian or a Winter White Siberian?

Q: My hamster has two rough spots on his back, what's up?

Q: Can I keep two hamsters together?

Q: How long do hamsters live?

Q: Aaah! My hamster's having babies! What should I do?

Q: How can I tell if my hamster is pregnant?

Q: My hamster has escaped! How can I find it?

Q: I've got 2 dwarves in the same cage who are always fighting. Should I separate them?

Q: What are some good treats to give my hamster?

Q: How often should I clean the cage?

Q: How do I get the white urine stains off?

Q: How much bedding should I put in my hamster's cage?

Q: Lately my hamster has been drinking and peeing ALOT more than usual! is this normal? ?

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