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Baby hamsters may be the cutest animals in the world. They grow up playing, fighting, running on the wheel for that first time... There is no denying it, you will feel almost as proud of your hamster's new pups as they are. You will also have almost as much work. Before you even consider the idea of letting your hamsters breed consider the consequences. A Syrian hamster can have up to twenty babies in one litter, a dwarf hamster will usually have around eight, but can have even more. All the pups will need good homes, and don't think a local pet store will be excited to take your babies. There are often more babies out there than they need. And keep in mind that Dwarf Hamsters will frequently mate again within a time period as short as 24 hours after giving birth, think about that!

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For more detailed information about breeding hamsters check out the following pages on Hamsterific:


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