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Dwarf Syrain and Roborovski Hamster Species Pictures
Campbell's Dwarf Hamster Varieties
Black Black Collar Black Pearl Black Spot
Argente Black Eyed Argente Argente Pearl Argente Spot
Blue Argente Agouti Agouti Spot Platinum
Platinum Mottled Blue Blue Pearl Blue Collar
Dove Pearl Dove Spot Opal Opal Pearl
Chocolate Cream    

Roborovski Dwarf Hamster Varieties
Roborovski with Pups Roborovski Roborovski  

Syrian Teddy Bear and Fancy Hamster Varieties
Short Hair Black Dominant Spot Short Hair Yellow Dominant Spot Short Hair Yellow Umbrous Short Hair Calico
Short Hair Golden Long Hair Golden Banded Satin Long Hair Yellow Banded Satin Long Hair Cinnamon Satin
Long Hair Tortoiseshell Long Hair Rust Long Hair Blue Roan Long Hair Black
Long Hair Black Eyed White Long Hair Dove Long Hair Blonde Long Hair Silver Grey
Long Hair Black Banded Long Hair Dove Calico Long Hair Dark Chocolate  
Graphic Artist Andy Markison
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All of the pictures here were provided by Rusty & Hal of "Fins 'n Fuzz" Hamstery!

Sadly "Fins 'N Fuzz" is no more but there's a good chance your hamster is related to a "Fins 'N Fuzz" alum!

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