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Hamster Breeding Basics

Hamster Breeding Basics

By tazz
A female syrian hamster should not be bred until she is atleast 4 1/2 - 5 months old and shouldn't be bred more than 3 times. If she is it can seriously shorten her lifetime, and remember a hamster's life is short enough as it is.

How to know when a hamster is in heat

Female syrians go in heat every 4 days. How do you know what day shes in heat? She will give off a strong musky smell. Those of you with females will know what it smells like.

When in company of a male

Males should never be put in a female's cage nor should the female be put in the male's cage as serious fighting will occur. They should be placed in neutral territory,maybe in a plain cardboard box with some carefresh or whatever bedding you are using. Once placed in the cardboard box the female will make herself comfortable and just freeze in the one place and lift up her tail. Then the mating process will take place.

Gestation period

A female syrian's gestation period is 14-16 days, although it could be more or it could be less.

Average sized litter

An average sized litter for a syrian is 8 - 10 pups.
There have been cases of females having 18-24 pups! Luckily this very rarely happens.

Instead of breeding why don't you adopt? There are plenty of hamsters waiting for a nice home. :)

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